Thermal separators for

refrigerated transport

This product is manufactured and designed to separate the load at different temperatures and carry different products in the same vehicle. This product is also useful for saving fuel if the vehicle is not carrying a full load. The laboratory has conducted different tests which ensure the strength at low temperatures (- 30º C).

We have the certificate APPLUS if you need it.

It is made of cellular polypropylene plate and air chamber, covered by 2 layers of Stratocell and lined completely with waterproof PVC. Its perimeter (except the lower) is entirely padded and reinforced with another PVC layer in order to make an airtight seal (it is completely rigid).

It is served in two separate parts with four grab handles. It can go all together if the customer needs it.

You only have to provide us the whole internal measures (The width and height) and confirmation of your order. It is served in a short period of time.

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